Preschoolers Enjoy Holiday Craft with Fairfield MGVs

Dec. 12, 2019
Preschools use found items to create holiday arrangement.

MGV volunteers began their Holiday Season teaching 16 Wagnalls Memorial Library Home Schoolers how to look around their yards to create great holiday arrangements. The Master Gardener Volunteers found lots of needled trees and shrubs to use for a great little holiday “flower-less” arrangement!

Sixteen preschoolers gathered around the arranging table with recycled containers (individual Bob Evans Mashed potato containers) which were covered with colorful holiday fabric.  The containers were complete with damp oasis and ready for the students to begin decorating and arranging.  MGVs started with acquainting the students with the growth habits of pines, spruces and other greens used in their arrangements. 

The students were challenged to make their arrangement full using a variety of plant materials and pinecones collected at the Wagnalls Library grounds.  It was a fun-filled day with the youth learning all about caring for the arrangement by proper watering of the greens.    Several of the arrangements were going to be shared with nursing home residents, while others headed to friends who had recently experienced loss in their families and some were just going to be enjoyed at home!  It was a nice afternoon with inexpensive activities teaching youth to explore the world around them!

Submitted by Connie Smith, Fairfield MGV Coordinator