MGVS Facilitate Geowalk Planting at State Fairgrounds

June 6, 2017
MGVs preparing to plant at the GeoWalk at the Ohio Stat Fairgrounds

Neither wind, nor rain, nor thunder could slow down the lightning speed Franklin County MGVs worked so that all 500 plants were in the ground in less than 2 hours for this outgrowth of the Heritage Gardens project at the Governor’s Mansion.

Working in conjunction with many Partners such as ODNR, Expo Staff, ODOT, Meisner and Associates Landscaping as well as former First Lady Hope Taft, Franklin County MGVs hope the early efforts and persistence will pay off with good sized plants for the State Fair that starts on July 26th.

Here is information about the Geological Walk directly from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' (ODNR) website -

Explore Ohio’s natural history and take a ...Geological Walk Through Time

A unique learning experience for anyone interested in Ohio’s natural history, this 286‐ft‐long walkway sits within the Natural Resources Park at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. The Geo Walk examines ancient natural materials that have shaped Ohio’s economy, agriculture, recreation and even the arts.

The Geo Walk includes:

  • The world’s largest geological map, showing all of Ohio’s 88 counties, so visitors can learn about the geologic setting in their hometowns.

  • Boulders from across the state that give visitors a chance to get close and touch the rocks beneath our feet.

  • Samples of industrial minerals that have been important to the state economy.

  • Interpretive signs explaining when Ohio’s rocks formed and the significant roles and purposes they served.

  • Franklin County MGVS plant in the rain at the state fairgrounds.