MGV State Conference Online registration begins July 5, 2017!

June 23, 2017

Watch for information and links to the registration site and register early for Ohio's MGV State Conference on September 29 - 30, 2017 in Columbus at the 4-H Center.  The facility limits the capacity to 330 conference participants.  Registration cost will be $120 for the conference and amazing tours on Friday will be $60.

The sessions choices below are all included in your registration fee.  Online registration opens July 5th watch for information on the registration website.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network with Master Gardeners from across the state and to learn more about some of the most up- to-date issues relevant to gardeners in today’s changing environment. When registering, you will be invited to select your preferences for morning and afternoon breakout sessions. Below is a list of speakers and topics they will explore during the conference:

     Laura Ann Bergman presents:  Growing Strong: Self Care and Fitness for the Gardener

Description:  Learning to conserve energy with gardening tasks, practice safe movement techniques for weeding and discover specific exercises to promote gardener health.

     Megan Meier,  (Off Site) will present:  How Green is your Roof?

Description:  Converting a conventional roof to a “green roof” to restore the balance in nature as green spaces are decreasing due to increased demands for building.

     Jim and Mary Competti will speak on:  Growing Simple- From Chaos to Calm

Description:  How one couple used their passion for gardening, cooking and all things “DIY” to slow down and simplify life.

     Eric Barrett will present:  Love Hydrangeas?

Description:  Learn all about this fascinating perennial Hydrangeas, including types, care and all season blooms.

     Jennifer Schneller will take  you on a journey with:  Travel through the Mediterranean Region with Herbs

Description:  Discover the culinary and medicinal advantages of herbs from the Mediterranean region.

     Ruth Burrows looks to the future with: What’s next for agriculture in Ohio?  A look into the influences of climate change on agricultural patterns.

Description: This talk will discuss the basics of climate change science and how if may affect agricultural production in Ohio. It will conclude by outlining what farmers, gardeners, and concerned citizens can do to not only decrease an individual’s carbon footprint but also equip participants with information to better plan for future growing seasons. 

     William Barnhill will add to your knowledge on propagating plants in his session:  Plant Propagation.  This session is  LIMITED to 20 participants  (Off Site)

Description:  Travel to the Howlett Hall Greenhouse to learn about the various sources of plant propagation. The class will consist of different methods of sexual and asexual propagation through hands-on and visual demonstration; and will emphasize production within a greenhouse, but also relate various methods outside of greenhouse production. You can expect to have a discussions regarding plant propagation such as: important environmental factors, propagation production, disease/potential issues, and more.

     Pablo Jourdan, PhD  will introduce you to the :  Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center: A gene Bank for Flowers    LIMITED to 25 participants  (Off Site)

Description:  Travel to the OSU Germplasm center dedicated to preserving the genetic diversity of plants.  Bus available for transport, some walking required.

     Jim Chatfield will inspire you with:  Which, Why and How Trees Matter

Description:  From Linnaeus (310 years old) to Thoreau (200 years old) this matters:  Let us rejoice together in the meaning of Trees.

     Joseph Tyconievich will educate participants on:   OMG … GMOs

Description:  How Genetic Engineering Works:   understanding the science not the controversy.

     Michael Hayes provides a session on:  A Backyard Kingdom of Edible Mushrooms

Description:  Discover the Magic at Work:  a pile of logs and tiny threads of mycelium ready to explode as Mushrooms.

     Allen Fabian takes you for a short walk on uneven ground to The Barn at Chadwick Arboretum for a session called:  Hypertufa ( Off Site )

Description:  Learn how hypertufa can enhance your garden significantly.  Observe a demonstration

and receive the recipe.  “It is not so often that a process as rudimentary as making mud pies yields such a sophisticated result.”…Martha Stewart

     Job Ebenezer, PhD presents:  Creative use of urban spaces to increase food production.

Description:  Using simple technology to improve agricultural practices for the low income population.

     Pam Bennett takes you on an adventure with:  Gardening in Ecuador

Description:  Discover Ecuador and Beyond:  the altitude, the climate and the crops.