Master Gardener Volunteer Serving as Judge for 4-H Flower Contest

Sep. 27, 2016
Sherree Cole serves as Judge

Master Gardeners are often asked to support the community with their expertise.  This time, when asked to judge a 4-H flower contest at the Hocking County fair, I had no idea what to expect.  There were critters created from wood and old tires, children made from old oil drums, faeries in a galvanized garden tub, scarecrows, pumpkins and even minions in the competition.  Using flowers, props and their imagination, county 4-H club members create their own displays.  The beautiful results add floral interest to the grounds.

It took four trips around the fairgrounds to determine the top contenders.  The tire critter was a female frog with red lips and long curly lashes.  Her sign said “frog parking only, all others will be toad”.  The minions were just horsing around.  They were made of straw bales; complete with the cute round eyes and familiar yellow and blue clothing.    A barnyard of wood critters, mums and pumpkins represented one club member’s animal and plant projects.  All were impressive and unique!   Submitted by Sheree Cole, Hocking County Master Gardener Volunteer, member State MGV Advisory Committee

frog flower display 4H project