Hamilton MGVs Adopt-a-Day at the Krohn Conservatory Butterfly Show

May. 9, 2018
Entrance to Butterfly Display at the Krohn Conservatory

As Adopt-a-Day participants, Hamilton County Master Gardener Volunteers welcomed visitors to the Butterfly Show at Cincinnati Parks Krohn Conservatory on April 19th. Master Gardeners volunteered to provide all day coverage to staff the Butterflies of Madagascar.

The Krohn Conservatory website explains, "The 2018 Butterfly Show 'The Butterflies of Madagascar' celebrates the exotic biomes of this unique African country. Giant Baobab trees, remarkable stone forests, and illustrious lemurs of Madagascar set the stage for the thousands of bright, beautiful butterflies flying amidst the striking collection of fiery orange bidens, vivid red celosia, purple salvia, and punches of lime green ipomoea! Help us celebrate the vibrant life of Madagascar, the 'Island of Rainbows.' Madagascar is located off the southeast coast of Africa and has been called an “Island of Rainbows.” Imagine you are traveling to Madagascar by walking through Krohn! The different horticultural exhibit areas in Krohn reflect the different Madagascar landforms, climate, and flora/fauna."

This event  continues through June 17, 2018.

Submitted by Julie Crook