Greene MGVs Adopt Sweet Arrow Reserve Mitigation Project

Aug. 18, 2016

            The Sweet Arrow Reserve, the newest and largest park in the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Parks District, is adjacent to the Cornerstone Development. The Little Sugar Creek happens to run through the Sweet Arrow Reserve at the bottom of a major flood plain. OSU Extension Greene County Master Gardeners are putting their concern into action in an attempt to stem the significant erosion caused by the recent increase in real estate development.

            Each of the Greene County Master Gardener brings their enthusiasm and knowledge to the table and will develop a timeline for accomplishing our goal.  The Parks District will provide one acre to plant 100 trees. The first visit to the site is an exciting one with a lot of mud flying as we traverse the adjacent field in an AWD vehicle to stake our plot.  Next, the group tree experts draw a tree placement schematic, calculating the space of trees 15 feet apart. The schematic is color coded for optimal placement of four species, 25 each of: Red Maple, Yellow Birch, Sweet Gum and Black Gum trees.

            In follow up visits, eager volunteers are ready to forge the creek to reach the planting site. The local Boy Scouts will provide the muscle needed for digging with dibble bars and Greene County Master Gardener volunteers implement the plan; each of the seven Master Gardener volunteers team up with two scouts for a systematic and efficient planting. A cook out on a porch, overlooking the Little Sugar Creek, is our reward after several hours of planting!

Author:  Kim Hupman, Greene County Horticulture Assistant