Fayette MGVs Team Up with Soil & Water Conservation District to Plant Pollinator Gardens

March 20, 2018

           Fayette MGVs and Soil and Water Conservation (S&W) planted five pollinator gardens to use in future programming. In addition, a geocache pollinator trail was developed and revealed last Fall.

Geocaching is the world’s largest treasure hunt. Participants use GPS coordinates to find a logbook and hidden rewards. The MGs and S&W identified seven sites in the county. The trail leads you to sites that have habitat that support pollinators.

            Come to Fayette County to follow the geocache pollinator trail. The trail has already had one hundred visitors. Get the geocache app for your phone, go online at geocaching.com, or contact Sara Creamer at creamer.70@osu.edu for a PDF map of the sites.

Written by:  Sara Creamer