Fayette MGVs Script Cell Phone Tour of Cemetery Trees

June 2, 2016

Fayette County MGVs are researching, scripting and recording a cell phone tour highlighting the trees of the county’s historic Washington Cemetery. Listed on the National Register of Historical Sites, the cemetery has undergone thousands of dollars in renovations of many of its structures including the Fiske Fountain, the Judy Chapel and a statue of a Civil War soldier.  In addition, the 60-acre cemetery contains an impressive collection of trees, including Bald Cypress, Ohio Buckeye, Gingko, Tri-color Beech, Kentucky Coffee and Swamp White Oak.

MGV Don Creamer was inspired to begin this project after a visit to Aiken, S.C. for Oak Open Days, an event sponsored by the International Oak Society in which Creamer is a member.  While in Aiken, Don walked a one-mile tree trail that contains over 75 different trees, and uses the cell phone tour concept to inform the general public. 

The MGVs received a grant through the Travel and Tourism Bureau of Fayette County to assist with funds to record, transfer and set up the technology needed to operate a cell phone tour.  The MGVs are writing the material and conducting the research but will hire a professional for the voice recording.Each tree on the tour will have a plant marker listing an 800 phone number along with a 'tag' number, such as 11, 12, etc.  The cell phone tour will share information about each tree including any historical notes.  Don said anyone, even someone with a flip phone, can call the 800 number, and get the information.

The MGVs hope to complete the project over the winter and launch the tour as a way to promote this destination site.