Fairfield MGV Travel to Clark County for a FRIDAY FUN Day

Oct. 29, 2018
Hartman Rock Garden in Clark County

WOW… Fairfield MGV had an amazing Friday FUN DAY in Clark County. Master Gardener Volunteers and friends in Clark County were well prepared for showing their visitors a good time at their newly renovated demonstration gardens at Snyder Park and Arboretum.

Snyder Park had been a city-owned golf course that has now been turned over to the MGVs for educational gardens. Fairfield MGVs thoroughly enjoyed visiting the learning gardens and gathered some exceptional ideas for Fairfield’s new AHA Children’s Museum garden effort.  The Clark County volunteers were just the best at answering all questions and making their guests very welcome. Of course, Young’s Jersey Dairy was quite a treat for lunch!! The Dairy was so busy it was a challenge to park the bus!

The Hartman Rock Garden was the surprise visit of the day. In fact, the group actually drove by it before realizing what a true gem it is. The group was stunned by the stone structures and by the traditional way the gardens had been maintained. One outstanding memory was watching Michele and her son Brian study the structures and plantings while they took pictures of each detail.  Watching them explore the garden was a joy.

The final stop was Meadow View Growers.  MGVs appreciated extra time at this great facility with creative landscaping and many wonderful ideas to take home. The entire staff was very kind and gracious.   

The Fairfield County Master Gardeners definitely had a FUN FRIDAY trip to Clark County…and just happened to arrive back in Fairfield County about one-and-half hours later than planned.  What would you expect with gardeners and a great garden center?

Submitted by Connie Smith