Delaware Campers Learn About Water Cycles and Photosynthesis

July 26, 2017
Campers harvest lettuce to take home.

Delaware Master Gardener Volunteers finally had a beautiful Thursday morning on June 8 to introduce energetic Woodward Elementary campers to the mysteries of the water cycle and photosynthesis. MGV Nora Hiland (aided by Patti Sharpe's fun posters) described the evaporation-transpiration-precipitation-infiltration hydrologic cycles in easy, fun terms. Nora then introduced a bit of the magic of photosynthesis and used celery to demonstrate the vascular “tubal” structure of plants. The MGV Helpers broke into small groups and had campers busily pulling the thread-like “tubes” from celery and examining them under magnifying glasses. Next the campers jumped into Patti’s leaf rubbings with pastels which lead into a watermelon snack. The hour ended with campers happily routing through the strawberry patch filling bags with radishes and lettuce to take home some garden-grown goodness.

Kudos to Dream Team MGVs of the week - Nora Hiland, Patti Sharpe, Barb Butt, Tracy Burger and Gayle O’Sullivan.  Special thanks to the partnership with Brooke Decker and her team for sharing with us such curious and well-behaved little campers.

Delaware MGVs' “Youth Garden Resource and Education Project” occurs every other week throughout the summer.