OSU Extension MGV Coordinators' Manual (updated regularly)

Welcome to the Ohio Master Gardener Volunteer County Coordinators' Manual. This notebook will provide an overview of the program and help you develop a successful Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) program in your county. As with any manual, some of the content will be obsolete once it is published. You need to keep it updated and make notes so that you indicate changes in your manual.

The manual has 10 sections, and each will contain online resources for your review. This manual is only the beginning; it is a resource together we will all  continue to build and revise. As with anything, it is fluid as community needs change, people change and policies change.

Chapter 1   History: Introduction to Ohio State University Extension and Master Gardener Volunteer program.

Chapter 2:  Managing Your Master Gardener Volunteer Program: Policies and  Procedures

Chapter 3:  Recruitment, Selection, Retention and Dismissal of Volunteers

Application packet for all potential MGVS
Instructions for Use of Documents need for MGV recruiting (download this first)
MGV1 Cover Letter for Coordinator
MGV2 Master Gardener Volunteer Program Policy Statement
MGV3 Master Gardener Volunteer Position Description
MGV4 Master Gardener Volunteer Application
MGV5 Master Gardener Volunteer Standards of Behavior and MGV Use of Title (volunteer copy)
MGV6 Master Gardener Volunteer Standards of Behavior and MGV Use of Title (signed copy for OSUE records)
MGV7 Master Gardener Volunteer Pest Management Information Policy (volunteer copy)
MGV8 Master Gardener Volunteer Pest Management Information Policy (signed copy for OSUE records)

Sample Format for Open House (change to fit your needs)

Chapter 4:  Training Master Gardener Volunteers

Chapter 5:  Volunteering in the County

Chapter 6:  Liability and Risk Management

Chapter 7:  Marketing and Communications

Chapter 8:  Using the Volunteer Management System (VMS)

Chapter 9:  Resources

Chapter 10: Miscellaneous