2020 Spring Lunch & Learn and Happy Hour Webinar Series

Spring 2020 Lunch & Learn and Happy Hour Webinar Series for Master gardener volunteers

Each video will count for 1 hour of continuing education. You will be responsible for entering in your own hours.  

TItle - Presenter
March 26
Can you Spot the Spot - Getting up to Speed on the Spotted Lanternfly - Amy Stone
March 31
Bees in Your Backyard - Denise Ellsworth
April 2
Best Practices for MGV's and Community Food Projects - Jacqueline Kowalski
April 7
Top Performing, Low Maintenance! Annuals for Ohio Gardens - Pam Bennett
April 8
If Only Trees Could Talk..This is What They'd Tell Us - Kelly Feehan
April 9
Tree of Heaven vs. Staghorn Sumac - How Can You Tell the Difference - Tom DeHaas
April 14
Hydrangeas for Ohio Gardens - Eric Barrett
April 15
Cut Flowers for Beginners - Sabrina Schirtzinger
April 16
Spring Lawn Care - John Orick
April 21
Meet Apple Scab and Fire Blight - Two Most Serious Problems in Pome Fruits- Dr. Mira Bulatovic-Danilovich
April 22
Theme Gardens for Pollinators - Denise Ellsworth
April 23
Gardening as You Age - Laura Akgerman
April 28
On Beyond Chemistry:  A Pesticide Primer for Master Gardener Volunteers - Ann Chanon & Ashley Kulhanek
April 29
Backyard Mushrooms - Erika Lyon
April 30
Landscaping for Birds - Marne Titchenell
May 5
Bed Bugs:  Today's Challenges -  Jennifer Andon
May 6
How to Grow Hops at Home - Brad Bergeford
May 7
Growing Peppers - Brooke Edmunds
May 12
Bug Detectives:  You Can Solve the Case of the Mystery Bug - Ashley Kulhanek
May 13
Buckeyes and Horsechesnuts - Ann Chanon
May 14
Ferns and Friends - Jim Chatfield
May 19
Using Pesticides and Disinfectants Safely and Effectively - Mimi Rose
May 20
What's Troubling your Pines and Spruces? - Curtis Young
May 21
The Good, the Bad and the Hungry:  Dealing with Wildlife in the Garden - Marne Titchenell
May 26
Nature Knows Best - Andy West
May 27
Tales of Plant Pathogenic Viruses - Jim Chatfield
May 28
Shrub Roses for the Landscape - Rachel Hoverman
June 2
Toxicity of Pesticides - Amanda Douridas
June 3
Gardening Myths & Legends:  Which One's Really Work? - Eric Barrett
June 4
Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) for the Home Gardener - Suzanne Mills-Wasniak
June 9
High Magnification, Low Cost:  Macro Garden Photography on a Budget - Danae Wolfe
June 10
Dazzling Dahlias - Jacqueline Kowalski
June 11
Thyme for Herbs - Kerry Smith
June 16
Organic Lawn Care - Dave Gardner
June 17
All about Elderberries - Patrick Byers
June 18
Meet Fireblight - Dr. Mirjana Bulatovic-Danilovich
June 23
Growing Gourmet Garlic - Patrick Byers
June 24
Busy People Can Garden Too! - Amanda Douridas
June 25
Pest Management for Herbaceous Plants - Pam Bennett