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Coshocton County Master Gardener Volunteer Recognized

Coshocton County Master Gardener Volunteers RecognizedOSU Extension- Coshocton County Master Gardener volunteers were recognized for their many accomplishments in 2009 on November Coshocton MGVs18 at the Career Center Restaurant.

A pictorial history of the Coshocton MGVs was presented by Dorothy Skowrunski. Bill and Carol Freund were recognized as the state winners of 2009 Friends of the OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer program. They have donated countless plants, bulbs, time and experience to the Master Gardener Volunteer program in Coshocton.                                                            

Nivarde Hafner, Anna & Joe Hardesty and Gail Piper were awarded “200 Hours” tabs to attach to their Master Gardener lapel pins. They have each contributed at least 200 hours of volunteering since becoming OSU Extension Master Gardener volunteers. Teresa Donley and Marcia Mercer were presented with “250 Hours” tabs; BeLinda Lacy received a “300 Hours” tab; Betty Williams and Janice Williams both received a “400 Hours” tabs; Susan McCurdy received her "450 hours" pin and Margaret Lowe received a “500 Hours” tab. Tim France also received an award for donating the Most Volunteer Hours in 2009- 104 hours. The award for Most Education Hours for 2009 went to Barb Caldwell. She has attended 78 hours of educational training and was also awarded. Tim France & Pam Anderson were recognized for their serving as group facilitator and secretary/treasurer, respectively.  Chairs of MGV Projects were also awarded. They are:

Career Center Display- BeLinda Lacy, Court Square/ Main Street- Tim France, Emerald Ash Borer Awareness- Teresa Donley, Fair Booth- Reta Grewell, Fall Foliage Display- Susan McCurdy, Fall Garden Workshop- Marsha Duling, Lake Park Gardens- Susan McCurdy, Ohio Flag Garden- Barb Caldwell,  Parking Lot Garden- Teresa Donley, Plant Sale- Teri Williams, Phenology Garden- Marcia Mercer, and Spring Symposium- Betty Williams
Together, 26 active Coshocton County Master Gardeners have volunteered over 1,200 hours, from January 1, 2009- November 16, 2009, toward beautifying and educating Coshocton County. They have also dedicated 536 hours continuing to educate themselves in horticulture. To learn more about the Coshocton Master Gardener Volunteers, log on to