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Wood County Master Gardeners' Humane Society Project

Wood County MGV's planting at Humane Society

Eleven Wood County Master Gardeners designed and inplemented a Hummingbird/Butterfly Garden at the Wood County Humane Society on May 17 as part of their project for Ohio State Master Gardeners Week.  The garden is located outside the cat room window for the entertainment of our feline friends.

Greene County MGV attend workshopFifty-four avid gardeners from around Ohio attended a day-long Plant Health Care Workshop hosted by the Greene County Master Gardeners at the Greene County OSU Extension Office on June 5, 2008.

Dr. Roger Funk, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Davey Tree Expert Company and an internationally recognized authority on tree, lawn and landscape care, presented his holistic approach to plant selection, planting and maintenance.

Dr. Funk began with a discussion of the soil-air-continuum, explaining, "insects and disease are often not the problem, but can be indicative of another problem--often soil."  As to air, he pointed out that our atmosphere's levels of carbon dioxide are increasing and impacting plant growth rates.  "As carbon dioxide levels continue to rise, we can expect to see changes in our ecosystem, including increases in some pest populations," he noted.

Greene County hosted the first "Meet, Greet and Learn" for the Master Gardeners of Subregion 7.  The state leadership set up subregions within the Ohio State University Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program, hoping to improve communication and cooperation between counties.  Subgregion 7 consists of the following counties:  Fayette, Pickaway, Clark, Madison, Ross and Greene.  The Greene County get together is the first in a series of get togethers outlined in an organizational meeting held in Fayette County in March 2008. 

MGV's with Indian Ripple Students focus on EAB activitiesThe Indian Riffle Nature Explorers have joined the fight against the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).  During the statewide EAB Awareness Week (May 18-24, 2008), forty-six 1st and 2nd grade Nature Explorers at Indian Riffle Elementary School in Kettering participated in several activities at their school to raise student, staff and parent awareness of the Emerald Ash Borer.  An ash tree on the front lawn of the school was wrapped by the kids with CAUTION tape as they urged people to become aware and help STOP the SPREAD of this highly destructive pest. 

Richland County Master Gardeners assisted the Mansfield Bicentennial Landscape Committee with planting Red, White & Blue flowers at several sites around downtown Mansfield and at some of the city parks for the Mansfield Bicentennial Celebration.

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OSU Master Gardener Volunteer

Advisory Committee Meeting

Monday, March 10, 2008


Introductions:  Members introduced themselves.


Review of Minutes:  Mary O’Rourke made motion to accept/Fred Rufener seconded.  Voice approval.


Election of Officers: 

·  Greg Meyer Elected Vice Chair/CFO (Nancy Kronberg moved/Dave Dyke seconded/Voice approval) 

·  Secretary – Mary O’Rourke moved/Fred Rufener seconded/Voice approval)                              Nancy Kronberg elected to above position

Brown County MGV's after planting    The Brown County Master Gardener Volunteers recently replanted the front entrance to the Brown County Administration Building.  Years of discarded cigarette butts and winter salt runoff had destroyed much of the original plantings.  What remained was a disgrace!

Greene County MGV'sGreene County Master Gardeners added to the landscape at the Greene County Fairground this week.  A tree was planted near the Extension Office and additional green plantings were designed and added to the flagpole area.

MGV Hamilton planting flowersTo celebrate Ohio Master Gardener Volunteer Week, Hamilton County Master Gardener Volunteers planted the master gardener garden at the Delhi Floral Paradise Gardens, Delhi Township on the morning of May 21.  These gardens are rather unsual because each is sponsored and planted by an area greenhouse or garden center.  Following lunch and delicious deserts served by the staff of the Delhi Township Park District, Tim Sisson from the Western Wildlife corridor gave a very interesting talk on the WWC and the importance of land conservation, land trust and native plants.

As an Ohio Master Gardener Volunteer Week activity, Hamilton County Master Gardener Volunteers enjoyed planting the master gardener garden at the Delhi Floral Paradise Gardens, Delhi Township on the morning of May 21.  The gardens are rather unsual because each is the project of a greenhouse or garden center in the area.  Following lunch and delicious deserts served by the staff of the Delhi Township Park District, Tim Sisson from the Western Wildlife corridor gave a very interesting talk on the WWC and the importance of land conservation, land trust and native plants.

Wilmington, Ohio's Six and Twenty ClubBrown County Master Gardener Volunteer Faye Mahaffey recently journeyed to Wilmington as part of her Ohio Governors Residence and Heritage Garden Ambassadorial duties. Ms. Mahaffey is one of Brown County's two Heritage Garden Ambassadors recruited by MGV State Coordinator Pam Bennett.  Faye's mission was to speak to the Six and Twenty Club of Wilmington.

First Lady rances Strickland presents proclaimation to State Coordinator Pam BennettCOLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State University Extension Master Gardener volunteers are serious about horticulture -- taking their passion for plants and the environment and passing it on to those they touch through education and community activities. Last year, volunteers committed more than 100,000 hours to community services, impacting more than a quarter of a million residents.

In honor of their hard work and dedication, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has declared May 18-24 as Master Gardener Volunteer Program Week. The proclamation recognizes OSU Extension’s efforts in promoting the Master Gardener volunteer program and recognizes the leadership and educational development the program affords to individuals interested in gardening.

Friday, May 16, from 8am - 4pm

Total Plant HealthCare Workshop, How Plants Grow and FunctionJoin us on Thursday, June 5th from 8:30 am-4:00 pm at the Greene County Extension Office, 100 Fairground Road Xenia, Ohio as Greene County Master Gardeners and OSU Extension present Dr. Roger Funk, Vice-President of Davey Tree Company as he discusses an approach to plant care that he developed.  Plant HealthCare promotes a proactive, holistic approach to plant care that focuses on strengthening the plant’s natural defense.  Workshop cost is $40.00 and includes lunch.  More information is available at or calling  937-372-9971.   Don’t delay registering, participation is limited to 50.



Henry County MGV Flower SaleCoordinated efforts of several volunteer organiztions and charitable groups came under one roof at the Henry County Hospice Bazaar for the annual flower sale to raise money for Hospice of Northwest Ohio.

MGV John Haley and Speaker of the House Husted Speaker of the House Jon Husted was recognized as a Friend of OSU Extension and OARDC on April 2, 2008. Speaker Husted received this award for his support of the programs and funding for these two organizations as a Member of the 126th Ohio General Assembly. The award is sponsored by the State Extension Advisory Committee and OARDC Advisory Committee, groups of Ohio citizen volunteers.


   MGV's learning the importance of good pruningThe Brown County Master Gardener Volunteers kicked-off their 2008 community service projects with some tree pruning on March 22, 2008.  The Bradford callery pears lining the county campus driveway were long overdue for trimming.  Indeed, one pear near the Administration Building had just split down the center--a common problem with these trees--and was eventually removed.

MGV's attend classMaster Gardener volunteers throughout the state of Ohio  - mark Oct. 3 and 4 on your calendars for the 2008 state Master Gardener conference to be held in Trumbull County in Northeast Ohio.  This is a conference you won't want to miss!  Extension educators and Master Gardener volunteers from six regional counties, making up the Northeast Region in Ohio have been meeting regularly since November to plan the conference, which is expected to not only be exciting but uniquely educational.

Master Gardener Volunteer State Advisory Committee Meeting

Columbus, Ohio

Dec. 10, 2007

I.      Introductions - attendees introduced themselves and the county represented  

II.      Brief summary of year’s accomplishments -

A.    New web site established; counties beginning to use and post articles and calendar entries; created county coordinator list serve for communication, developed impact statement from survey of 2006 program; developed speakers bureau for MGV training programs; held State Coordinators Conference in November; implemented and collected State Support Fee; created new name tags and purchased for every active MGV in state; rejuvenated and revamped the State MGV Awards program; developed sub-regions and secured representatives; held 2 advanced training programs statewide; provided 5000.00 support for speakers for the state conference; improved communications across the state within the Extension system and with volunteers; created the first budget and carried through successfully; revised the policy; and updated all forms necessary for MGV training.

III.      Budget

A.    Spent the money for all county Master Gardener volunteers to have the same name tags.

B.     The encumbered money for name tags and pins has money left over, next year funds will have to be encumbered for new manuals and name tags, pins.  Money given to county sponsoring State Conference needs to be accounted for to the State Advisory Committee.  Greg Meyer volunteered to chair a sub-committee whose mission will be to study policy for giving money to fund counties hosting state events and programs state wide.  Committee is composed of Greg Meyer, chair, Tim Malinich, Carolyn Allen, John Haley, Mary O’Rourke, and Rosalie Perry.  They will report recommendations at the March 2008 meeting.

C.     Another task will be to develop a system for getting records of these events as to how funds were used back to the committee.  Pam will contact Jane Martin for an accounting of the 2007 funds for the speakers at the state conference. 

D.    Development of the budget for 2008

1.      Know expenses that we’ll have for 2008.

2.      No money spent on marketing in 2007, will need marketing committee to suggest an amount for 2008 MGV week.

3.      $25,000 will probably come into the account from State Support Fees.

4.      Need to build funds such as endowment.

5.      Greg and Pam will put a rough draft of the budget together and submit at the March 2008 meeting.

E.     State Support Fee directions for paying were discussed. 

1.      In January update database on State Web site.

2.      Print of copy of active MG phone list.

3.      Send/with transmittal form to state office.

4.      Deadline for payment of State Support Fees is February 28, 2008.

IV.      Manual Update Status

A.    Almost all revisions are done, but pictures were not scanned at high enough resolution and those are stilled being redone by Dave Shetlar.  Completion date by next Thursday, December 20 if all goes well.

B.     Manuals will be purchased from State Office and ordered through Holmes Printing.

V.      Quick Hits

A.    Update Policy on out of state transfers, they must be fingerprinted and have a      

background check.  Refer to new Master Gardener Policy found in forms to download on state web site.  

B.  Recommendations from participants at the November Coordinators Conference were to hold a six month update in sub regions.

C.  Webex could be a tool for the future for instructing coordinators on web site

Use and sharing documents while at the same time talking by phone.  Pam will be coordinating these in 2008 as necessary to teach people how to use the web site for uploading articles.

D. Garrick Corporation Update – Tim Malinich and Pam Bennett toured the plants    

They will work with us supporting our efforts in fundraising but no monetary donations.  They will need recognition for their product donation, such as signage.  Products:  organic matter, leaf compost, pine fine, etc.

E. The question of sponsorships and donations came up.  Should these come through OSUE or Master Gardener volunteers?  Discussion followed.  It was recommended that we meet with Legal Consul from OSU to inquire about State/County 501c3 status.  The following will look into this issue:  John Haley, Greg Meyer, and Dave Dyke.

VI.      Marketing Update

A.    Dave Dyke reported that Master Gardener Volunteer Week is week of May 20; we all need to plan projects with High visibility that week

B.     Committee Members:  Charlene Stapleton, Mary O’Rourke, Dave Shetlar, Susan Liechty and Ch. Dave Dyke will meet and determine the process for getting all counties involved in the MGV week.

C.     MGV Brochure - Pam will look into Holmes Printing costs to have a basic brochure for marketing the MGV program.

VII.      Sub-region questions were discussed, including the following issues that came up:

A.    Inactive Status---Background check---Fingerprinting

B.     PowerPoint’s for the Manual do we need these?

C.     Jane Martin has prepared training materials for purchase. 

D.    Denise Ellsworth has Tree Specialist program for purchase.

E.     Montgomery County---Earthwise Corp.  Name This Tree Program Earns money for Master Gardener Program.  This county would like to have their hours earned on pin. 

VIII.      Introduction of new Committee Members and Thank you to those retiring from committee.

A.    Pam presented gift certificates from Barnes & Noble to retiring members and thanked them for their service.

IX.      Pins

A.    Discussion followed. Pam stated that majority of participants attending the  Coordinators Conference used the 50 hour pins.  Opinions of the committee were varied, with a number of members feeling the Name Tags were all they needed.  As of now the pins will be used and the hour dangles will be shortened to 250, 500, 700, 1000, 2000, and 3000 since we have in stock.  Suggestions were given about other ways to recognize volunteers for the many hours they contribute to the organization.

X.      On-line Hour Reporting

A.  Database not being used by everyone, 13 so far this year and it needs to be rebuilt.  A request for $5000 for normal maintenance, can we afford to keep this up and running?  An alternative program needs to be available for those counties who had all their records stored on the database.  Some kind of general template with hour descriptions, committee will decide. Discussion followed. Maybe use State Award Categories for recording hours.  Greg Meyer has a spreadsheet for tracking hours with categories.  Greg Meyer motioned and John Haley seconded that online hour reporting be shut down by March 31, 2008.  Motioned carried.  Anyone currently using Excel should send Pam a sample of their form to assist others.

B.  Dave Dyke motioned and Rosalie Perry seconded that we offer Tim Rhodus $3000 to maintain the State Web Site and put this item in our budget.  Motion Carried.

XI.      Other

A.    Nursery Short Course will have a bookstore staffed by MG Volunteers with proceeds going to the State Master Gardener Volunteer fund.

B.     Regional IPM has a brochure---Environmental Gardening Group---Pam is looking into getting a number of these; they would be useful for MG Training.

C.     What constitutes Volunteer Hours?  Discussion followed.  There are no standards statewide for the hours; County Coordinators have the discretion to determine this.

D.    Dave Shetlar is creating PowerPoint’s with voice over and self tutorials  available for download.  Fact Sheet Update needs to be done by specialists.  Master Gardener volunteers can help by emailing when they come across a sheet that needs to be revised due to content, not just by date on sheet. 

XII.      Recommendations for 2008

A.    Do great things

B.     More Regional Happenings such as Advanced Training Opportunities

C.     Protocol for counties to apply for seed money to host Adv. Training Classes and State Conference.  Tim Malinich will have working copy by Feb. or Mar.

$250. (4) for seed money regional workshops spread it out.

D.    Master Gardener volunteer Brochure  would be good to have by May 20 MGV Week

E.     MGVs have an important role to play in environmental issues facing the country.

F.      Speaker’s Bureau for MGVs to use for their programs.